Given the complete thaw on all waters in NW PA during the final week of February, we have since paid dearly for high expectations of ear-ly spring with return of winter weather that just won’t let go. The 10 day forecast lacks sustained warming, with more below freezing temps at night. Anglers have been trying to make something happen. Perch fishing in PIB gets a Thumbs Up, as does spring steelhead catches in the tributaries. But on most inland waters, anglers have been frustrated…although sporadic perch and crappies catches have been reported at the North End of Py-mie in the last week. Speaking of Pymatuning and crappies, don’t miss the informational piece regarding multiple day “possession lim-it” on Pymie crappies when vacationing there. Also check out the Good News from PFBC fisheries biologist for NW PA waters.

NW PA Fishing Report For Late March 2018

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