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The Best State Parks in Pennsylvania

state park

From breathtaking scenic overlooks to outdoor adventure, these Pennsylvania state parks have it all. The Keystone State is home to 121 state parks, 19 national parks and seven National Heritage Areas, all with natural beauty and plenty of recreational opportunities. However, these are the state parks you should hit first. Let’s dive in. Ricketts Glen State […]

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20 Excuses You Can No Longer Use for Not Getting Outdoors


If you’ve been putting off outdoor adventure for years, you’ve officially run out of excuses. We can respond to and counter just about any reason you’re using not to get outside. 1. I don’t know how. Need to learn how to hunt, fish, or do anything else outside? We’ve got you covered. Check out our […]

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Clearly, navigating a kayak in fog is easy

Zero dark-thirty with zero visibility and in goes the crew

Anyone in Boy Scouts before that deal imploded or had parents drag them around the country in an old summer vacation van should know how to use a compass. Understanding direction is key to navigating, especially in zero visibility. Most of us have a compass app on our smart phones, which means some of us can’t actually use a compass but can access one while checking Instagram to see how many fish everyone else has landed.

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This $400 Motorized Inflatable Boat is the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Hammacher Schlemmer
motorized inflatable boat

This inflatable boat has two electric motors for an exciting afternoon of whitewater kayaking. Boats are pretty expensive. A luxury fishing boat might cost you around $30,000. Outdoorsmen are now leaning towards inflatable boats and inflatable kayaks. You’d be surprised by the quality of inflatable fishing boats. Many kayakers and anglers are saying great things

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Take a Peek at Marine Life With the Help of a Transparent Kayak

Hammacher Schlemmer
Transparent Kayak

Forget scuba diving; you can get an unbelievable view of underwater with a transparent kayak. Before your next kayaking excursion, be sure to invest in a new kayak that’s going to enhance the experience. Clear kayaks are back just in time for summer, and outdoor enthusiasts can’t stop talking about them. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling

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Getting organized now yields more time outdoors later

Over the past decade, I’ve found myself embracing more electronics and technology into my passion for the outdoors. No, I’m not referring to weather stations, GPS trackers or boat radar units but simple things, like weather apps, checklists, notes and journals, which have helped me in enormous ways.

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Kayak Review, 2019 Hobie Outback

Thanks to my partnership with The Kayak Centre of Wickford, I had the pleasure of fishing the majority of my 2019 fishing season in the newly redesigned Hobie Outback kayak. I was a bit concerned at first due to the way my Subaru Crosstrek was set up with factory roof racks. Loading the Outback was a two person operation as it needed to be transported upside down. I knew this would not be an ideal option as it would limit my launching opportunities.

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How to Read A Box of Fly Line


How to Read A Box of Fly Line

Fly fishing can be a daunting new sport if you’re coming over from traditional spin or bait casting gear and methods. Fear of bridging the knowledge gap should not, however, because to keep you out of something as wonderful as casting the right fly line or catching that first fish on the fly. Do you need floating or sinking line?

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