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Origins of Damascus Steel

Though carefully crafted, Damascus barrels were held in deep skepticism by American shotgunners. Beautiful, yes, but never shoot it. Why not? About 1000 AD, crusading knights returning from the Holy Land brought back wild tales, algebra, oranges, hashish, harem girls and steel so special they named it after the city where they found it—Damascus. History…

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Always buy a backup

By Elliot Thomas Special to Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle Magazine When I was younger, my Grandfather was always trying to impart his knowledge on me. From fishing to hunting, firearms and pocket knives, and in general what we would now qualify as "life hacks." By the...

Which Style of Knife Do You Need?

By Jason Houser Special to Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle Magazine With so many styles of knives to choose from, the decision can be tough to make at times.  Short of buying every style of knife there is, take the time to think what you want out of a knife and which...

7 Unique and Timeless Knives From Old Timer, Schrade, and Uncle Henry

Here’s a collection of classic knives that have an old school look and feel, but are just as effective as today’s modern blades. Sometimes a knife has a look and feel that you instantly recognize as classic. Maybe it’s because of the blade style, maybe it’s because of the handle material, or maybe it’s because

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