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Artists often share two passions: creating new stories and knowing their words and photographs are in front of the right eyes. We offer writers a chance to be read and enjoyed and circulated with our online magazine. Come join the sporting community we are building here, as we highlight the best writers, photographers and artists in the field of outdoor excitement and indoor relaxation.

OEL Magazine offers a global reach with a strong concentration of American outdoorsmen and women eager to stay in touch with the latest product reviews, news updates and destination stories. Do you have a travel piece, memories of high mountain big game hunts or tips for landing walleye, striped bass or crappie? Have you used a piece of outdoors gear recently you thought was outstanding or not so much? Have you been inspired to write poetry while in the wilds of western prairies or captured the most amazing sunrise photographs as trout rise? Do you have recommendations on food, drinks, interior design or camp decorations? We want to read your words and see your pictures then share them with our readers.

Please take a look around our site; if you have relevant evergreen stories which focus on the topics we love, please share then with us so we can help maintain your brand’s presence. If you have original content, submit your queries to todd@oelmag.com so we can get started reading and enjoying and sharing.

Todd Corayer, Co-Editor, OEL Magazine.