Pennsylvania State Record Black Crappie CaughtA Pennsylvania “state record” black crappie was taken during the annual spring time netting survey in the nursery waters of Pymatuning Lake by Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission biologists. While the 20 inch, 4 lb. 8 oz. Black Crappie will not be a new official state record because it was not caught by hook and line in waters open to public fishing, this huge crappie clearly shows the potential for growth of crappies in 16,000 acre Pymatuning Lake. Nursery water section of Pymatuning Lake is a small section closed to fishing adjacent to hatchery. The monster crappie is now on view in the silo tank in the visitors center of the Linesville Fish Hatchery on north end of Pymatuning Lake. (Photo by Fish Commission staff.) Record news submitted to ODU by Darl Black from Blackwolfe Communications –

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