Woman Shoots Alaska Moose

Hunting doesn’t get much better than in the Last Frontier of Alaska. We’ve seen the brother-and-sister team of Trevor and Tana prove that time and again with the YouTube channel Stuck N The Rut, and today’s video is no exception. Today, they’re hunting giant Alaskan bull moose deep in the backcountry in a place that can only be reached via airplane. The plan here is simple: Try to call a monster bull moose into bow range for Trevor. If the moose doesn’t cooperate and stays out of range, Tana will take the shot with the rifle. After the siblings fail to get into range of one of the shooters they’ve been glassing on day one, it doesn’t take long to find success on day two.

At first, it looks as if this bull is going to give Trevor a shot with his bow. However, this bull is old and wise. He realizes something is up and decides to get the heck out of there. This leads to Trevor and Tana scrambling to switch up who’s the shooter and who’s taking the video. For a moment, it looks as if the bull might get away clean, but Tana makes an incredible 300-yard shot offhand that crumples the moose like a sack of potatoes.

We’d say that plan ended up working out to perfection! That little bit of extra calling was enough to get the bull’s interest, if only momentarily. It appears he’s almost been fooled by hunters before. Fortunately for Tana, her shooting skills were able to compensate for the fact the bull figured out danger was close.

The bull also managed to fall out in the open, which allowed their bush pilot to land relatively close. Which is a good thing when you’ve downed an animal as massive as this one! Congrats to Tana on a great shot and one heck of a moose!

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