[RICHMOND, RI, MARCH 1] Chef David Burke, the internationally celebrated culinary superstar, officially begins his direction of all food and beverage operations at The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences in Richmond, RI.


Chairman Paul Mihailides & Chef David Burke

“This truly is a monumental day for The Preserve,” said Preserve Chairman, Paul Mihailides, to a large gathering of local and regional press.  “Chef Burke epitomizes the same uncompromising professional excellence and visionary gifts that have made The Preserve the most respected sporting club in North America.  I could have chosen any chef to take on the responsibilities of this challenging position, but my first choice turned out to be my only choice.”

The most glittering jewel in The Preserve’s culinary crown is now re-christened Double Barrel Steak by David Burke.  This exquisitely designed, 7,000 square-foot, 350-seat restaurant has been totally reimagined by Chef Burke in terms of not only its physical space, but most significantly its menu. He has fashioned a menu that redefines modern American steakhouse-inspired cuisine.  At its core is beef dry-aged on site via Chef Burke’s patented Himalayan salt process.

To celebrate Rhode Island’s moniker as the “Ocean State”, Chef Burke also offers what he terms “ocean steaks,” including swordfish, halibut, and tuna.  The variety of entrees and the resurrection of Chef Burke’s famous swordfish chops — a global sensation when introduced at Manhattan’s Park Avenue Café in the early 1990’s — dub Double Barrel Steak a seafood restaurant and steakhouse.

Further, in homage to The Preserve’s unsurpassed outdoor experiences, game will play a seasonal role on the menu.

Chairman Mihailides noted that Double Barrel Steak is open to the public.  “This expansion will create a significant number of new jobs for our area,” he added.

“The Preserve is an intriguing new partnership for us, because, in addition to Double Barrel Steak, we are in charge of two of the most extraordinary private dining venues I have ever seen,” said Chef Burke. “The Maker’s Mark Hobbit Houses™ are enchanting spaces where a memorable meal becomes a once-in-a-lifetime bourbon-infused experience. And the Cohiba & Laphroaig Safari Tasting Tent highlights a scotch and cigar pairing with intriguing finger food.

The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences, in its 3,500 protected acres, find common ground for uncompromised luxury living, the most popular outdoor sporting experiences, indoor experiences like the massive, two-story Sporting Shoppe billed as “the everything outdoor superstore,” and The Range, the fully automated shooting range with 150-yard lanes, and hundreds of miles of horseback riding, hiking, and skimobile trails, plus a championship golf course.  All are set within the inspirationally protected wilderness of rolling, boulder-strewn hills.

“The doors of Double Barrel Steak are wide open, and we invite one and all to partake in the unmatched culinary experience it offers,” said Preserve Chairman Mihailides.

Written by Charles Drago