Ultimate Tip UpUltimate Tip Up is a product of Konitzer Manufacturing LLC. This is a father/son business that was started after they developed tip ups for their own use. These tip ups were developed with only one goal in mind, to catch more fish! Kevin Konitzer lived on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin for four years and wanted to place a tip up on the lake farther out then what was visible. After trying a few different products on the market, he decided he needed something that would be reliable and have a longer range. He decided to use some box tip ups that his dad, Bill Konitzer was making and incorporate a two way radio to alert him when a fish strikes. The Ultimate Tip Up was born. After much trial and error, and many ruined two way radios, the father/son team had a reliable, long range, rechargeable call signal that fit their needs perfectly. The Ultimate Tip Up has gone through a lot of changes since then, including the addition of the automatic jigging system and electronically controlled visual alert system. These changes have made the Ultimate Tip Up the most unique and versatile tip up on the market. These tip ups are completely hand made in Chilton Wisconsin and every one is tested for quality by Kevin or Bill themselves. Order link – https://ultimatetipup.com/ocart/

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