The former couple still have some good chemistry in front of the camera.

Grigor Dimitrov and Maria Sharapova have quite a history, so it’s only natural that the former couple still have some chemistry when they interact and Monday in Kooyong was no exception as Dimitrov made an impromptu appearance in the commentary booth and exchanged in a little give and take with his old flame.

Watch the video above for the hilarious details.

Tennis Express

“What is the commentary here?” Dimitrov asked as he grabs a pair of headphones and approaches the Russian. Sharapova, in a giddy mood, quickly jumps in and gives Dimitrov an opportunity to show off his quick wit (which leaves her giggling, making the interaction all the more adorable).

Here’s the play-by-play.

Sharapova: “What about this yellow thing going on?”
Dimitrov: “You like it, huh?”
Sharapova: “Not really.”
Dimitrov: “Really?”
Sharapova: “No, not really.”
Dimitrov: “I thought you liked yellow on me but that’s OK. People change, I get it.”

And just like that Dimitrov was gone, back to the courts, with Sharapova and the commentating team left to have a good laugh.

"How long has it been since you broke up?" one commentor asked Sharapova.

"It's been a while," she said, still giggling.

Nice to see these two having a bit of fun—just because people change doesn’t mean they have to stop enjoying each other’s company.