The USTA says that players from Russia and Belarus will be permitted to play in New York under a neutral flag.
By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Monday June 14, 2022

The USTA has announced its decision to allow Russian and Belarusian players compete at the US Open, under a neutral flag. The announcement was communicated via email, in a statement sent to Tennis Now.

Tennis Express

“The USTA will allow individual athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete in the 2022 US Open, but only under a neutral flag,” the statement read.

“Alongside the other Grand Slams, the ITF, the ATP and the WTA, the USTA, which owns and operates the US Open, has previously condemned, and continues to condemn, the unprovoked and unjust invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The USTA, standing with these other tennis entities, supported the banning of the Russian and Belarusian Tennis Federations from the ITF, and therefore all international team competitions, and the directive for players from those countries to play under a neutral flag when competing outside of international team competitions.”

Russian and Belarusian players have been banned from playing at Wimbledon this year, but recently competed at Roland-Garros under a neutral flag.

“We recognize that each organization has had to deal with unique circumstances that affect their decisions. Based on our own circumstances, the USTA will allow all eligible players, regardless of nationality, to compete at the 2022 US Open,” the statement read.

The USTA also announced its intention to provide support to the “Tennis Plays for Peace” program.

“The USTA will work with the players and both Tours to use the US Open as a platform to further the humanitarian effort of the “Tennis Plays for Peace” program,” the USTA said. “In addition, the USTA will introduce a broad, comprehensive set of initiatives to amplify existing Ukrainian humanitarian efforts, including committing to significant financial support, for which details will be announced soon.”

“Tennis has done much through Tennis Plays for Peace for humanitarian support of Ukraine,” Mike McNulty, USTA Chairman of the Board and Presidentl said. “Unfortunately, the need for help only continues to grow. The USTA will be responding very soon with a broad set of initiatives that will include significant financial assistance and other programs to further support humanitarian relief and the people of Ukraine.”