Ever wondered what it would be like to go hog hunting with a Barrett .50-caliber rifle? This guy in Texas actually did it.

If you thought hog hunting with elephant guns was impressive, check out these guys in Texas who decided to up the ante and go hog hunting with a Barrett .50-caliber rifle.

In a battle between a 100-150 pound hog and a .50 Cal bullet with about 14,000 foot pounds of energy, the hog is going to lose every time.

I don’t think that hog even knew what hit it.

You can debate all day long whether or not this is ethical hunting. However, one thing is certain: it sure looks like loads of fun!

Unfortunately, shooting a hog with a Barrett .50 Cal probably destroys a lot of meat, which is one of the tasty side benefits to shooting a hog this size.

If you’re interested in seriously dealing with a feral hog problem while at the same time getting a good amount of pork out of the deal as well, hunting hogs at night with thermal optics or from a helicopter are other options.

Ready for a Texas hog hunt of your own? Check out Ox Hunting Ranch, which just so happens to have a .50 Cal hunting rifle option included on all of their hog hunts.

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