In 1997, an idea was born, and that idea was forged into a team that has helped change the way men and women pursue fish through a hole in the ice. For 20 years, Ice Team has helped define a culture. From the early days of the Trap Attacks, to the modern revolution of the mobile ice angler, Ice Team has been there through countless ice fishing milestones. On the forefront of ice fishing, Ice Team works hard to educate and inform. We have fostered a generation of anglers by inspiring them to become better ice anglers as well as mentors. And we’ve opened doors that have created connections and camaraderie among fellow ice fishing enthusiasts. As the sport has grown over the years, Ice Team continues to advance and offer new ways to reach ice anglers — both old and new. The Ice Annual magazine (the world’s largest distributed ice fishing publication) hasn’t skipped a beat, and continues to find itself on countertops and newsstands across the Ice Belt. The website serves as the central hub for all ice fishing information. Ice Team’s social media reaches all parts of the globe. And of course the Ice Team Pros serve as the ambassadors for this great sport we’ve all grown to love, just to name a few. With Ice Team Pros in 14 states and Canada, the breadth of their impact literally covers the entire ice fishing spectrum. You will find teachings on just about every topic imaginable — and all housed throughout the Ice Team resources at and its vast array of links. And, if you so desire, you won’t have to look too hard — or travel too far — to shake hands with a fellow “Ice Team-er” as these dedicated Pros stay busy attending events and giving back to the ice fishing community. The past 20 years have been filled with passion, hard work, and most of all a whole lot of fun. We look forward to another 20 years and will continue to find ways to blaze new trails and share our experiences with all of you. Good Fishing, Matt Johnson.

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