PowerPro Super8Slick V2 Has Been Re-EngineeredRe-engineered with added abrasion toughness so anglers can rip through the heaviest cover with the same force as standard four-end braids, the new PowerPro Super8Slick V2 braided fishing line combines a new eight-end dense weave fiber construction with proven ‘Enhanced Body Technology’ (EBT) process. The new braid is offered in nine different pound test designations, and in five spool sizes to fill from one reel, to bulk spools for multiple fills and for reel spooling by your local tackle shop.

Named ‘Best New Fishing Line’ at the 2018 ICAST Show, it has just started to show up at tackle shops throughout the U.S. and Canada. The PowerPro staff will be showcasing the award-winning braid at upcoming shows this winter including the Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo in Schaumburg, Ill., the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show in Portland, the World Fishing & Outdoor Expo in Suffern, N.Y., the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in Knoxville, Tenn., the Ultimate Sport Show in Grand Rapid, Mich., and the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison, N.J.

As with the original Super8Slick braid, the new ‘V2’ version continues to be the smoothest, softest and longest casting braid in the PowerPro line-up. Its use of Honeywell Spectra fiber provides a stronger, tougher braid, while the PowerPro EBT process makes the Super8Slick V2 structurally rounder. The process floods propriety resin through the finished braid, resulting in a smoother line that reduces backlashes, increases casting distance, makes it easier to tie knots, and offers superior strength to size ratio.

“For freshwater and salt, from throwing a big jig into a big knockdown or heavy vegetation for a kicker-size bass – to making that extra long cast into a surfacing school of stripers, Super8Slick V2 can give you an advantage,” said PowerPro product manager Tom Woldruff. “The PowerPro engineering staff has decades of experience, and that experience really comes through with the features of this new braid and benefits it provides anglers.”

Along with exceptional castability from reduced line friction and better line management, Super8Slick V2 is extremely silent as it passes over the rod guides. “Our proprietary EBT process plays a big role in that, plus also providing superior knot strength and high abrasion resistance,” Woldruff notes.

Targeting both bass anglers with ‘camouflage-type’ colors and the inshore/offshore market with colors to fish both stained and clear water, the new Super8Slick V2 braid is offered in PowerPro’s well known moss green for all-around use, onyx (black) for those looking to target big bass, hi-vis aqua green for visibility-minded anglers and when fishing over soft cover, and blue, a color preferred for many in saltwater, and a growing number of bass anglers. All four colors are offered in 8-, 10-, 15-, 20, 30-, 40-, 50-, 65- and 80-pound test (from 1-pound test to 18-pound test mono diameter equivalent), and in 100-, 150- and 300-yards spools and 1500- and 3000-yard bulk filler spools.

For more information on the new PowerPro Super8Slick V2 from Innovative Textiles – a Shimano Company, see your local tackle dealer, visit PowerPro.com on the web, or call PowerPro customer service at 877/577-0600.

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