Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Utah Buck

Here’s what happens when one antler just doesn’t want to drop.

Deer antlers are an intriguing subject, from the exceptional rate at which they grow, to the peculiar abnormalities and monster mass they attain. Here’s one buck that deserves a listing in the “strange but true” file.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources posted the following images to their Facebook page Aug. 1, showing a buck with both a velvet and hardened antler on his left side.

They captioned the post with the following:

“In normal bucks, a cyclical drop in testosterone level in winter triggers the shedding of antlers. Sometimes, something in that cycle fails, and this is the result.”

Utah Buck

Utah Buck

Utah Buck

Now, if that system fails next year, could this fella possibly sport four antlers?

That said, as cool as this triple-antlered deer is, who else is drooling over his big-and-wide body?

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