I usually post a water/boat safety reminder in the early spring when the water is cold.  I did not this spring, but with the heat of summer and peak activity on the water, this is a good time to mention it again.  Unfortunately, it seems like there has been a story about some tragedy on the water someplace in Nebraska nearly every weekend this summer.

My buddy Greg blogged last week about The Worst Excuses for Not Wearing a Life Jacket.  Think you have an excuse?  You do not.  Safety equipment has become standard practice for driving cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.  Why not boats?  Why not when you are on the water?  Life jackets are like seat belts and helmets–use ’em!  Greg mentioned this in his blog post, “last year in Nebraska, all the boating-related fatalities had one thing in common – the person who drowned was not wearing their life jacket!”


With GoPro cameras everywhere, YouTube has a number of videos that prove the need to use another safety feature, kill switches:

As can be seen in that video, a rogue boat wake can come from nowhere; one second you are speeding for your favorite fishing hole, the next you are bobbing on the surface.  If you are not using the kill switch, you will continue to bob on the surface while your boat circles back at you.  I have heard that first responders refer to those driver-less boats doing “the circle of death”.

Wireless kill switches are available now, which gives you even less excuses.

With the holiday this week, our waters are going to be busy.  Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.  You better be prepared!

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