Been halfway across the state and back a couple of times recently.  Had to sit in on a couple of meetings, but have managed some time on the ice too.

First let me say this:  Ice conditions vary widely!  There are some Nebraska waterbodies where you can hit the ice right now with no problem.  Of course YOU must make sure it is safe every time you walk on, but there are some parts of the state with good ice.  Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are some places where you should NOT be on the ice right now.  Our “up” and “down” weather is making ice conditions highly variable.  Again, if you go, make sure it is safe!

I have not been on any really hot bites.  You know, that is typical.  Most of the time you will work for what you catch.  I have drilled a lot of holes, found a few fish.  Most have been very willing to bite.  I just have not seen any hot bite windows where they just keep coming.

I did however complete one annual goal–every winter I want at least one 10-inch+ bluegill/sunfish.  Mission accomplished:


This crappie was nice, not huge, but a quintessential black crappie.  I had to take its picture.


Planning on more to come, pending safe ice!


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