Snowing again this morning; looks like another crummy “spring” weekend.  Folks are getting grumpy and that is proof that they do not fish enough.

Saw this making the rounds on the inter-webs, so you may have seen it already.  If you have not, maybe it will brighten your day just a little bit!

Guy Turns Talking Fish Into Alexa

A guy connected his alexa to a talking fish and the results are hilarious! “Billy bass, tell me a joke…” 😂😂😂

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Man, I gotta have one of those hanging on my office wall!  The only thing is the voice ain’t “Billy Bass”.  Have to call her “Barbara Bass”!

Me:  “Barbara Bass, what is the forecast for this weekend?”

Barbara Bass:  “Well, it ain’t spreadsheet weather!”



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