Tired of spending excessive amounts of time re-spooling yards and yards of line on your tip-ups? HT ENTERPRISES, INC., the industry leader in modern, progressive tip-up design and manufacturers of the original Polar Tip-Up, has solved this age-old issue once and for all by introducing the “QUICK SPOOL” TIP-UP TOOL!

As the name implies, this device fits any cordless drill chuck – and the opposite end simply slips over the trip shaft on your underwater style tip-up – just press the tool in place, set your cordless drill on low-speed, then use it to quickly and efficiently spool tip-up line!

Works great when replacing line or wrapping up lines at the end of those exceptionally cold days when you don’t want to handle wet lines, and the small size fits conveniently in a tackle box tray or easily accessible pocket.

For more information, write: HT Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 909, Campbellsport, WI, 53010, or check out their website, WWW.HTENT.COM.

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