In the very first issue of Outdoor Photographer, published in June 1985, readers were introduced to George Lepp’s “Tech Tips” column. In that issue, Lepp advised readers on topics including how to store color film in their vehicles on longer road trips (use a Styrofoam icebox, sans ice); inexpensive alternatives to bellows and extension tubes for macro techniques; how to photograph through aquarium glass without capturing your own reflection; tricks for keeping your film camera free of lint when changing rolls; and best practices for cleaning lenses.

Portrait of George Lepp

Throughout the 33-plus years since, Lepp has been a constant presence in the magazine, staying ahead of the changes in photographic technology and demystifying challenging subjects for our readers.

One thing that has not changed is Lepp’s dedication to helping others solve problems and make better images. So we’re thrilled that NANPA will present Lepp with its Lifetime Achievement Award at the Nature Photography Summit in February 2019, a well-deserved recognition of his decades of service to our community. In our upcoming January/Februray 2019 issue, we feature an interview with Lepp about his career in photography on the occasion of this recognition.

Today, NANPA formally announced the award, along with a brief interview of its own. Read the NANPA announcement and interview here.

Our warmest congratulations to George for his steadfast friendship and leadership not only for us at Outdoor Photographer, but for the entire nature photography community.

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