Massive 18 Pointer

One of the best parts of hunting is being able to make memories with our loved ones. It makes things hard when we lose those loved ones we used to share the woods with. It can leave a hole in our heart and soul that’s difficult to mend. At the end of the day, the best way we’ve found to deal with the pain of a loss like that is to head into the woods and try to make some new memories. That’s precisely what YouTuber Josh Kobelka of Clearwater Outfitters did after the loss of his grandfather the week before.

As Josh explains in the video, he’s got a target buck he named “Shredder” that he’s after. He had showed trail camera images of this animal to his grandfather just before he passed. As a result, this is his target buck. After getting settled in a tree saddle for the day, he sees several bucks before finally calling in Shredder to only 15 yards and making a perfect shot through the heart on this massive 18-pointer. It’s one of the best hunts we’ve seen all year, and the story behind it just makes it even better.

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The story of this buck would have been cool on its own, but the fact that Shredder ran right over a deadhead on his death run is a rather cool coincidence and just adds to the memory of this hunt. The hunter was able to find a little additional meaning in the deadhead discovery, as he described on his Instagram account.

“Initially I didn’t think much of it but then it finally hit me. It was a buck for both grandpa and I and was his final sign that he was right there with me all along,” the post reads.

This may be our single favorite hunting video this year–both for the tremendous size and mass of this buck, and for the meaningful story behind it. This is truly what hunting is all about. Congratulations on a tremendous buck, Josh!

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