Heading out the door for the weekend.  This is a big, BIG weekend in Nebraska–the opening of the firearm deer season.  It is not a state holiday, but it should be!  Yes, I know many have been bow-hunting for weeks now, but this is the weekend when we will have by far the most hunters in the field.  So, to commemorate the occasion, I have a video clip to share.  First the disclaimers:  I do not condone drinking of alcoholic beverages at any time, least of all while hunting.  I do not like it when human characteristics, personalities, names or voices are given to wild critters.  But, I am not wound so tight that I cannot get a chuckle out of this commercial:

“Pine-scented?  Oh. . .you see the irony here?”

For those of you heading into the field this weekend, or any weekend this fall for that matter, may I suggest you take a few minutes and read my buddy Greg Wagner’s blog, How To Take Respectful Deer Harvest Photos?


Finally, Saturday is Veteran’s Day.  THANK YOU, veterans, everyone!  For those of you heading afield for deer season, hope you all get that “turdy-point” buck!

Eric Fowler photo, NEBRASKAland magazine.

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