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Smallest Compound Bow

The world’s smallest compound bow looks like a lot of fun.

In the worlds of both archery and firearms, there seems to be a constant movement towards making both bows and guns smaller. Whether that be for practical purposes or simply for the novelty of it, there are some interesting new products showing up on the Internet these days. Sometimes they have no practical purpose other than the sheer fun of owning one.

That seems to be the case with this tiny compound bow from China. It has many of the features you might expect from a full-size bow, only downsized into a tiny package with a 20-pound draw weight.

Of course, this was just the product for someone like Joerg Sprave, better known as the Slingshot Channel guy on YouTube. He also was not content to play around with this bow as it came from the manufacturer. He just had to modify it to be a pump-action, repeater!

That tiny compound bow is adorable. We doubt it has many practical purposes. Maybe a skilled archer could take a squirrel or rabbit with it. It seems like the type of novelty that is best suited for the archer who already has everything.

It could also make for a great gimmick for any archery pro shop to have on the wall for customers to try out. Who would not want to try shooting this thing at least once? We have probably never seen something more ridiculous than converting this bow to feed three bolts from a tube and fire them rapidly. Yet at the same time, we want one!

Once again, our hat is off to Joerg Sprave for his seemingly endless creativity with bows, spearguns, slingshots and more. This guy has a mind for fascinating, and fun-looking new designs that we would have never imagined possible in our wildest dreams.

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