If you want to catch the really big fish, you’ve got to have the right approach. Think like a big fish. You want to hang out in the cover, yet near deep water. You don’t want to spend the energy to chase some fast-moving, shiny, little thing that wouldn’t even be a mouthful. You want something that looks like dinner instead of a snack! And you want it to come to you. You want Frogzilla! Frogzilla is big, weedless and effective in open water as well as heavy cover. The biggest, baddest hollow body Frog on the market! Great for Big Bass, Big Pike, and Big Musky!

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  • 3/4 0Z., 6″ Nose to Toe
  • Swimmin’™ Legs and Noisy Rattle
  • Extra Large, Very Sharp 7/0 Single Hook
  • Made in the USA

Frogzilla! Like fishing frogs and rats? Tie on Frogzilla when you really want to pull a big bass out of the pads or grass. As the name implies, this is a monster hollow bodied soft plastic frog bait that will attract attention and do some damage wherever it goes. The legs are solid plastic strips for more action in open water, and they’re weighted so they will land and hop upright every time. Frogzilla is also equipped with a single giant hook right between the legs for a solid, secure hookset that won’t rip out, yet remains weedless. Good fish catching colors round out the package for a bait that is designed for monster fish. Don’t forget to check out our selection of rods built for fishing frogs and rats.

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