This has been an incredibly odd spring. Typical patterns on inland lakes have not materialized for the most part. Weather has been a major factor – wind, cooler temps that normal, excessive rain and more wind. Mild winter did not thin out the baitfish crop of gizzard shad and alewife at Pymatuning, and lack of ice cover encouraged very early weed growth – especially across the North End of Pymie. Walleye fishing in May has been poor, and crappie fishing anything but strong on the Big P. However, there are bright spots. Reports are coming in that the smallmouth bass fishing on Presque Isle Bay is best in years, and the Allegheny has been kicking out nice smallies when the river isn’t high and muddy. Word is Shenango Lake stripers are on. Still lots of stocked trout to be caught, too. With the big fishing weekend coming up, pick your lake, stream or river and GO FISH!Late May issue of NW PA Fishing Report

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