We are getting to that time at the very end of the ice season in the far North and the beginning of open water where the fishing starts picking up again with the warming days and more light reaching into the depths. This in turn starts getting these fish fired up for spring time and they start getting into more of a feeding mood.

Try Northland Glo-Shot Spoons for Crappies

This time of year, these fish start congregating in areas and turn to feeding more on a regular basis. Late ice and early open water is a favorite time for fishing and the catching can start improving with the warmer sunnier days that usually comes with this time of year.

When these fish are congregated, there will be some that are still in their finicky mood, but, there are many others that will be trying to get their feed on. These are the fish that are fun to target and using a bigger profile bait, Glo-Shot™ Spoon, those aggressive fish have no hesitation at attacking this spoon.

The bigger and aggressive fish in these schools usually ride high in the water column, down to about halfway to the bottom. When watching your spoon falling on your flasher’s screen, these are the fish that will move quickly up to meeting your spoon as it falls.

Tipping the Glo-Shot™ Spoon with either an ™ plastic or minnow is a great way to seal the deal on the strike. Lightly jigging the spoon, will get the trailer moving around tantalizing them as well as the glow stick will draw them in as well.

By using the spoon, this will also deter some of the smaller fish from biting the bait and allowing you a better opportunity at catching those bigger fish. Spoon fishing is a fun tactic that will put a better bend into your rod and when you get on these feeding schools, it makes for a very enjoyable day on the ice–or open water.

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