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Archery season is upon us and our arrows should be top notch.

Have you checked your arrows lately? They maybe bent or the knocks loose. Maybe the fletching has come loose from its glued bonds. Many arrows don’t survive the offseason and end up needing to be replaced.

Better be safe than sorry; it’s probably time to get yourself some new arrows.

We made some picks from Sportsman’s Guide and found these arrow buys that will hopefully hit the mark.

SLASH INsetBlade Magnum 300

Sportsman’s Guide

When your arrows need more teeth, you can choose a shaft with expandable blades inside. That is exactly what SLASH INsetBlade Magnum 300 Hunting Arrows offer. Two expandable blades deploy from the arrow shaft itself., giving you the best of both worlds with a fixed blade broadhead and expandable shaft blades.

Guide Gear Trophy Hunter Micro Arrows

Sportsman’s Guide

Looking for great arrows at an affordable price? These Guide Gear Trophy Hunter Arrows are built by Victory Archery, and they are spine aligned with your choice of 350, 400, or 500. They have modulus carbon construction, 2″ Bohning Blazer vanes, and Bohning Double-Lock Blazer nocks, with a .245″ inside diameter. Custom arrow cutting is available if you need it. These are pretty cool, and well worth the price.

Victory V6 400

Sportsman’s Guide

Victory Arrows are well known for quality. These sport 100% carbon composite fibers, 2″ Blazer vanes, +/-.006 straightness tolerance, 8.0 GPI, .400″ spine, .245 inside diameter, and .295 outside diameter. Custom arrow cutting is also available.

Bloodsport Hunter Arrows

Sportsman’s Guide

Bloodsport Hunter Arrows offer 350 or 400 Spine, 100% carbon construction, ±.006″ straightness tolerance, 12-grain aluminum insert in a 6-pack. That will fill your quiver with quality arrows on a budget.

Ravin Carbon Arrows

Sportsman’s Guide

If you are a Raven Crossbow user, these 100% pure carbon construction, high-impact polymer nocks, 400 grain, brass threaded inserts with 6 aluminum nock bushings are ideal. Treat your Raven Crossbow to the arrows made for this hard-hitting deer slayer.

Excalibur Diablo 18″ Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Sportsman’s Guide

With your choice of standard or illuminated nocks, the Excalibur Diablo 18″ Carbon Crossbow Arrows have a lot to offer. With 100% carbon construction, 2″ vanes, 250 grain weight, and a flatback insert, these arrows are made for the Excalibur Matrix Series Crossbows.


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