The Technique Behind Rattle BaitIt’s the time of year where fishing fast and being aggressive can reap you some great results; I know wintertime traditionally is time to slow down and be precise. However if you’re looking for that big bite, ripping a rattle bait through the scarce grass can win you some big tournaments on Guntersville! Yes you’re fishing for a few bites but the SPRO Aruka Shad rattle bait can be that tournament winner.

Fishing it is more than just casting and reeling, and if that’s all you are doing then you need to become creative. You may hear people say its idiot bait, and anyone can catch fish with it. Well I beg to differ, yes the right time of year and the right conditions it can be easy, but with the right conditions any bait can have a time where it’s easy.

The key to me is staying mentally in contact with the rattle bait; being aware of every movement that the bait makes while you are retrieving it. The mental part of fishing rattle baits is more important than many other types of baits you have in your tackle box. In fact in my opinion rattle baits must be fished with precision, confidence and creativity so that every movement of the bait is a calculated movement made by the fisherman. You want the bait to do many different things while presenting it and your movements must be defined enough so it causes a strike.

The truth is that there are many different presentations you can use, from speed reeling to dropping, stopping pulling it parallel over the bottom. You can yo-yo it, you can pop off of cover, you can let it drop to the bottom and go slack, and I could go on and on; in fact I believe I could come up with 25 or more ways to fish it. The fisherman makes the bait what it is today, that being a well rounded fish catching versatile bait that fished correctly covers an enormous amount of water and causes reaction bites when worked correctly by the fisherman. So if you want a big winter bite tie on rattle bait, put some thought to it fish it creatively and you’ll catch more bass.

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