Savage’s new modular hunting rifle is designed to handle anything Mother Nature throws its way.

The backcountry is at the heart of our nation’s hunting origin and tradition.

What remains of America’s frontier can elevate any hunt to breathtaking heights, while simultaneously offering wildlife exclusive to the time-stopping mountains, towering foliage and vast wide open spaces.

However, while the backcountry brings the greatest elements to our favorite pastime, it also brings the harshest.

Savage 110 Storm

Punishing weather, taxing terrain and countless miles of hiking will take its toll on gear, particularly a deer rifle.

To address hunters’ collective need for a rifle to take into the toughest conditions, Savage Arms has introduced the 110 Storm.

Savage 110 Storm

An evolution of the former Savage 16/116 Weather Warrior, the 110 Storm maintains Savage’s storied reliability, while adding some of the newest features and upgrades.

Savage AccuFit

The 110 Storm features the AccuFit System, which lets shooters and hunters quickly adjust their comb height by easily swapping through included cheek rests. Additionally, they can pick between different stock spacers to create the perfect length-of-pull.

Pairing these features, the AccuFit System produces seamless gun-to-cheek motion, and a more accurate, consistent shot on target.

The 110 Storm also features the AccuTrigger, a famed trigger system that gives shooters and hunters the smoothest, most customizable trigger pull on the market. Many other brands have since introduced similar concepts, but Savage was the first to do it well.

Rounding things out is the AccuStock, which features a rigid chassis imbedded in the stock. Instead of making contact with the action at two points like most conventional stocks, the AccuStock engages it three-dimensionally throughout its entirety, ensuring accuracy and consistency with each shot.

The 110 Storm also uses Savage’s floating bolt head, zero-tolerance headspacing and hand-straightened button-rifled barrels, all of which have helped the brand cement its name in the rifle industry over the past several decades.

And finally, improved ergonomics, soft-grip fore-end and pistol grip surfaces and a 22-inch stainless steel barrel give it the rugged, modern look that matches its stalwart durability.

You know about the 110 legacy, now find out about one of its biggest advancements, the Savage Storm.


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