A Poem By Chris Mihailides
Special to Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle Magazine

The idea was formed by a brilliant man

They all said he was crazy and were not a fan

The idea was simple, to enjoy the outdoors

He thought it was sound and wanted applause

He said if we build it, they will come

I’ve seen the movie and Costner’s a bum

But build it he did, and in the most grand way

It was filled with excitement, the best place to play

You can fish through the day and throughout the night

And catch you will, each fish with a fight

You can climb the rock wall, or the mountains and stare at the stars

Beats a weekend in town perusing the bars

You can hike all day on trails for miles

Never losing touch with Mother Nature’s styles

Ride our horses, our bikes or our ATV’s

You’ll be amazed at all of the sights you will see

If the snow is your thing but winter has you in a rut

Come cross country skiing, sledding or shoot trap in our Warming Hut

You can earn a birdy, an eagle or a hole in one

On an executive course that’s second to none

You can shoot in the world’s longest indoor range

It’s truly a thing of beauty, which I know can sound strange

But there’s cameras, tactical lighting, and 150 yard lanes

An automated target retrieval system which is absolutely insane

Shoot archery, guns and any caliber you desire

In an environment that’s carbon free, you’ll shoot till you tire

You can hunt our high tower shoots from one of 12 different bungs

Enjoying different presentations from birds being flung

You can shoot sporting clays on a 19 station course like no other

Bring your children, your parents, your sister and brother

You can swim in our pools or swim in our lakes

Paddle board, canoe, or kayak through wakes

You can zip-line for hundreds of feet

Open your eyes, because looking down is a real treat

You can take a lesson, a class or even a training

Safety’s a priority the staff will be claiming

Have a meal as a member and enjoy the great food

The ambiance, the flavors will increase your good mood

Have an outing a wedding or corporate event

This place does it right, better than you have ever dreamt

You can stay in a hobbit home, a tent, a luxury or tree house

You can enjoy any options with your family and spouse

So come to The Preserve and be part of our community

Your kids will love it as they grow past their puberty

It’s the only place to be for the outdoor lover

Come build your families legacy, unlike any other