The Sammy Walker Buck will go down as one of the most unique bucks of all time.

“The Louisiana Freak,” and a freak is exactly what it is, is one of the most bizarre bucks you’ll ever set eyes on. In fact, the Sammy Walker buck is such a freak, that its rack can’t actually be scored.

Sammy Walker harvested this unique Louisiana buck in 1958. While driving property with dogs, the dogs pushed this buck passed Sammy and the rest was history. He could tell it was a buck, but as you could imagine, the rack had him a bit puzzled.

When he finally walked up on the buck, he couldn’t believe what he saw. He had just harvested an absolute freak!

The buck reportedly had vines, twigs, sticks and mud in its amazing rack the day Walker put the kill shot on it.

The Louisiana Freak is what you would call a cactus buck. The abnormality of the rack is the result of the buck not having testicles. Because of this, the buck never loses its antlers. And, because of the multiple years of growth, the Boone & Crockett scoring system doesn’t recognize it in the record books.

The Louisiana Freak is one that will always hold a special spot in the legends of whitetail hunters.


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