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Buddy Heater

When coveralls, jackets, and gloves aren’t cutting it in the hunting blind, it’s time to get a hunting heater.

The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is a popular choice for hunters in cold climates.

It’s perfect for tents, and small spaces up to 225 square feet. The Buddy propane heater will make a great addition to your blind when you’re freezing in your deer stand. The hunting heater’s safety features are perfect for using it in small spaces.

Thanks to the safety shut-off, the Buddy heater will turn off if it’s tipped over. Another safety feature is the oxygen depletion sensor. With ODS technology, your Buddy portable heater will automatically shut off if it senses low oxygen levels.

Customers love the Buddy heater and can attest that it provides years of comfortable indoor safe heat.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater

Mr. Heater

How it Works

It is a BTU liquid propane heater, so it’s pretty much self-explanatory. Connect the portable hunting heater to a propane tank, pull out the swivel regulator, and twist the propane cylinder in. With the purchase of a single hose, you can use a large 20-pound propane tank.

Mr. Heater is the perfect solution for an indoor use space heater. Use it for ice fishing, camping, and even for a warm evening on the porch. You have peace of mind over an accidental tip, and it’s right under $70.

The Big Buddy heater is twice the price, but it can heat up 400 square feet if needed. For smaller spaces, consider the Little Buddy.

  • Automatic low oxygen shut off system
  • Fuel type: propane gas
  • Two heat settings: 4000 BTU and 9000

The customer reviews on these things are wonderful. This top Amazon review will give you some reassurance that Mr. Heater’s Buddy is worth the money.

Amazon Review

I’d say this portable heater definitely gets the job done. I’m sure he’s kidding about hunting in his undies, but just that statement alone should let you know that this heater is top notch.



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