Bring home your harvest in any kind of hunt with Field & Stream’s Every Hunt collection.

If you want to be prepared for everything you could encounter on a hunt, the Field & Stream® Every Hunt Softshell Jacket and Every Hunt Softshell Hunting Pants are just the ticket.

This quality jacket and pants combo features everything you’d expect in a high-priced camo system, but comes in well under the cost of rival brands.

NoScent™ C3 conceals and contains the jacket’s odors, and also self charges while air drying for lasting odor control. The reliable HydroRepel™ fabric is breathable and stain-resistant, and can repel water-based liquids. The best part of the outer material is the fact that it’s made of silent-bonded fleece fabric, making your walks to the stand eerily quiet, perfect for sneaking in and out.

The jacket is a three-pocket design, with two hand pockets and one on the chest. There’s an adjustable hem and velcro-controlled cuffs for a customizable fit. Of course, it includes a safety harness opening for those who hunt in a treestand.

The lower half of a hunter’s body is often neglected, as it usually is an afterthought and can feature clashing camo that does more bad than good when you’re trying to stay concealed.

If you run with the full Every Hunt system, the Softshell Pants are going to feature all the same technology that makes the jacket so great, plus a few extras.

The hand pockets feature a tab of extra-tough material for clipping a pocket knife or other accessory, and the six pockets give plenty of room to store what you need for a day of hunting.

Biggest of all, there’s an elastic waistband with belt loops, ensuring that your fit is as good as it can be.

The Realtree EDGE camo pattern is ideal for all kinds of situations, and you’ll be confident you’ve gone with the right choice when you’re warm, comfortable, and protected from the elements.

Though we gave this camo jacket and pants a test drive in the mildly warm temps of an early season in Texas, we can easily see how the polyester material will keep us warm as the season cools. It may not be for late season, when the winds begin to blow and the snow begins to fall, but with the right base layers it could still do the trick.

We’d definitely recommend the Field & Stream Every Hunt collection, including the Half-Zip Hybrid Jacket and the Agility Pants. The Half-Zip Hybrid opens up the versatility, with a kangaroo pouch in the belly area, and the Agility Pants have reinforced knees, pockets, and backside will help them last season after season. Best of all, the Agility Pants have kneepad pockets for those particularly rugged hunts, when crawling on all fours is a necessary part of the process.

There are plenty of choices out there when it comes to hunting camo, and there are reasons to go with many of them. If you want to check all the necessary boxes without putting a huge dent in your wallet, then Field & Stream’s Every Hunt line will do you right.


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