The Multi Use Frog From Snag Proof - The WobbletronDeveloped by professional angler and seasoned guide, Bobby Barrack, the Snag Proof “Wobbletron” delivers the action and the function needed to excel around thick mats and pads. A fun and effective way to coax big fish from their hideouts, the Snag Proof “Wobbletron” features hard-kicking, segmented feet that gurgle and splash with a slow-and-steady retrieve. Order Link –

As weedless as it is attractive, the Snag Proof “Wobbletron” is fitted with a custom-made, razor-sharp double frog hook that hugs tight to the body to eliminate snagging. Precisely weighted, the Snag Proof “Wobbletron” delivers bullet-like casts and lands upright every time, so you get the most out of every toss. Available in a number of big fish colors, the Snag Proof “Wobbletron” delivers a fresh, new frog design that big bass can’t help but crush. 

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