That’s a four-syllable mouthful that simply means “one in the same”. Take the name Seaguar, for example. That one brand alone is synonymous with the highest-quality fishing line made.

Now ponder fishing television shows. Just as there are so many brands of line to choose from, there’s hundreds of on-the-water titles to fill your flat screen. One show that’s also synonymous with high-quality, as well as being informative and entertaining, is Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show.

So it’s no wonder Mark Zona’s reels will be spooled with Seaguar line and demonstrated on shows airing in 2018.

That’s right, Seaguar is officially joining forces with Mark Zona and Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, pairing two top names in the fishing industry for a powerful combination. 

“Whenever you hear the name Seaguar, you know that means quality,” says Host Mark Zona. “Their label is the pinnacle of fishing line in the industry.

“I fish some of the largest, knurliest bodies of water—which hold some of the biggest, nastiest fish—and there’s a million uncontrolled variables that can lead to failure in catching ‘em. The one thing you never want to underestimate is the line on your reel. Seaguar has never let me down. Ever. And I am truly humbled for them allowing me to be a part of their family.”

Both Seaguar and Zona have been long-standing in the fishing world.

Seaguar was the first to bring fluorocarbon to anglers, way back in 1971. And to this day, are the only manufacturer in the industry to make every component of fluoro from start to finish. The company’s portfolio not only includes leaders and tippets, but their best-selling fluorocarbon lines, including InvizX® and category-best Tatsu®. They also take pride in producing premium braids such as Flippin’ Braid® Smackdown ™and Threadlock, as well monofilament lines like Rippin’™ and Senshi®.

Zona, on the other hand, started out in retail boat sales and bass-fishing tournaments before ESPN sought him out to co-host Loudmouth Bass in 2004. By 2005, Bassmaster television show had him in their limelight. After that, his bass-angling intuition, buoyant personality and unprompted wit earned him fishing show host positions on ESPN’s popular Outdoor Block, BassCenter, The Greatest Angler Debate, Bassmaster Elite Series, College Smash-Mouth Bass Championship, Oh Boy! Oberta Redfish Cup and The World’s Greatest Fishing Show. All making him one of the most recognizable faces in outdoors television today. Today, Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show is premiere viewing on the Outdoor Channel.

“Mark Zona has been a fan of Seaguar for years,” says Brian Evans, assistant marketing manager for Seaguar. “His energy and enthusiasm, as well tips and tricks for catching more fish makes sense. And Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show is the perfect fit for Seaguar.” 

Seaguar’s motto? Always the best. And it shows not only in the lines they make, but those with whom they choose to partner.  


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