One of our favorite jerky brands just released a new Beef-n-Cheese Snack Stick Pack. That got us reminiscing…

You’ve got to love old television commercials, especially when they touch on the subjects or products we as outdoorsmen have come to appreciate. Beef jerky? Yeah, that’s one of ’em.

The Old Trapper name is synonymous with lean beef, fresh ingredients, and a wood-fired smoke flavor unlike any other jerky on the market today.

That’s why recent news out of the fine folks at Old Trapper got us reminiscing, and we just had to share this classic commercial to help spark your memory.

How could anyone forget this timeless clip?

Pretty great, right?!

When we found out they were launching a new, sugar-free, protein-packed combo of beef sticks and cheese, and that we’d get to try it out before the masses, that familiar feeling of nostalgia crept back into our minds.

And the new offering delivered.

Old Trapper Beef-n-Cheese Snack Sticks are available now, and come in two varieties: Original and Jalapeno. We tried the Original flavor, and it was everything it was cracked up to be. You can find them in grocery checkout lines and convenience stores nationwide.

The meat snacks are ideal for stuffing in your hunting pack or tackle bag, and with zero sugar and 7 grams of protein in each pack, they’re the right amount of essentials to keep you motivated and fulfilled. Oh, and the nature of the fresh ingredients and smart packaging allow these Stack Sticks to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime without fear of spilling, crumbling, or spoiling.

And for what it’s worth, opening the packaging is definitely not loud enough to become a concern for those deer stand or blind hunters who need to stay silent.

Though our own, DIY wild game and venison jerky recipes take the cake, the next best thing in the dried meats category has got to be beef jerky, and it’s got to be Old Trapper.

Their recipe and namesake might be old fashioned, but the forward thinking of a company like Old Trapper just goes to show: even our favorites from the past are capable of maintaining quality long into their lives (and ours).

A high-quality, double-threat snack perfect for outdoorsmen? It just doesn’t get much more convenient than that.



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