Phantom Lures, widely known for its design and manufacture of high quality, proven baits will now be using Thru-Wire Technology in its lineup of baits.  The strong, single wire design connects the tow point and hook hangers, making the Phantom Lures more durable and able to handle violent strikes.

Phantom Lures Applies Thru-Wire Technology to Bait Line Up

The use of Thru-Wire construction will yield a more consistent build process and open doors to expanded fishing applications.  By not relying on screw-in eyelets, the overall strength of the bait is increased, and the need to tune immediately after purchase is eliminated.  This technology has proven to be very successful in the Phantom Lures’ Freak (pictured) and HardHead baits, and will now be expanded into other popular baits.

“Adding thru-wire construction to several of our already effective muskie baits increases the strength and durability of the lure as a whole,” stated Product Manager Jeff Schulte.  “In addition, it also provides anglers the added benefit of consistent performance by eliminating the need to further tune the bait.  Our thru-wire design delivers superior cast after cast performance.”

The Thru-Wire Technology will be available in the following Phantom Lures:

  • Softail
  • Softail Live Series
  • Standard
  • Freak
  • Hardhead
  • Hardhead Live Series

Please note that Thru-Wire Technology will be immediately available in the 6” and  7.5” baits.  The 4” models look to have a later release date.  The Standard’s will be sold as a thru-wire bait once we sell out our current inventory of standards.

For more information about the full product lines from Phantom Lures, visit the Phantom Lures website.

About Phantom Lures:

Since 1996, Phantom Lures has built a strong and loyal reputation in the muskie fishing industry by making excellent, custom, quality baits that are used by first time fishermen, guides and tournament anglers. This reputation is now migrating to the walleye and bass world. Our tournament –winning baits produce actions that put trophy fish on your line, leaving you with great pictures and lifelong memories. For more information about Phantom Lures, visit or call763.951.2902.

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