Yes patience, lake knowledge and angling know how all come into play when chasing big fish on the ice, but you need the equipment. Here is a perfect super combo from Clam Outdoors to angle in a few lakers, pike or giant bass. Lets introduce you to the Jason Mitchell Meat Stick Series Combo, Super Leech Flutter Spoon and Frost Ice Line.

Rod/Reel Combo: Sanded glass rods feature a feather light tip that loads to an extremely heavy backbone. The Meat Stick rods and combos are balanced to load perfectly with heavier search lures yet enables anglers to watch for the lightest pickups. Great for dead sticking with live bait as well, this quality ice fishing combo will put more fish on the ice. The Meat Stick line up will feature a Tack-Grip handle which adds weight above the reel for balancing the tip for increased sensitivity along with creating a better gripping surface. Order link >>

Lure: The Super Leech Flutter Spoon is the larger version of the highly touted and successful ice fishing Leech Flutter Spoon. By popular demand we’ve introduced two new gamefish sizes ⅜ oz & ½ oz. A few of the same highly reflective plated color finishes and added a few new colors that flicker light like fish scales. Same lightweight and environmentally friendly Zinc Alloy material for the ultimate flutter. And fish love the attracting feathered treble. Plus we’ve added another element – a flashy and noisy lure flapper! Order Link >>

Line: Welcome to the evolution of ice fishing line. Clam Pro Tackle is excited about the Frost Ice Premium Monofilament fishing Line designed for ice anglers by SunLine Co. Frost Ice Premium Line is Japanese-made to the strictest of tolerances, using the highest quality raw materials available. With a straighter “off-the-spool” feed, Frost Ice Premium line has less coil. And a moderate amount of line stretch offers a perfect balance of a strong hook set with great bite detection while offering forgiveness for head shakes below the hole. Frost Ice Premium metered line lets anglers benefit by tying the bait onto the clear section of line for a stealthy presentation, while utilizing the high-vis section to watch the line and detect bites better at the hole. Order link >>

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