we love art of movement, we love parkour, we love reaching the top level, we love being professional in this activity, but sorry guys we don't have parkour clubs, or parkour gym, we learn in concrete, our gym is in the street, if you try to do something difficult you've better do it right and if not you have to pay taxes, accidents, injuries, bad impact, and negative behavior, some of practitioner quit because they can't handle it and try something else, however a lot of tracers in Tunisia even they damaged their body a lot and faced a lot of risks they didn't quit because they really love this passion, this style of life, no thinking about anything else, but their own experience, their path of satisfaction i will talk about my experience since 2004…
i experienced at least 10 or more accident and fatal crash, after that every time i woke up the morning and i feel pain of injured parts of my body i say i can handle that, it's gonna be okey, so i can do parkour and improve the level.

first accident was when i did a dive kong, i lost control from the board and i fell down from 3 meters high on my shoulder i was smashed and Skidded off, my shoulder was all broken i lost the view about 15 minutes blind for a while, broken Ribs scratched knee and wounded head, i spent 4 months to be totally healed

second accident was a fall from a high roof to another, the drop was incorrect so i smashed my heels, i can barely walk, i suffered a lot, every morning i was like a baby in the house Walking on all fours, i was like in a prison, i can't move, and when i started to go out, for example to walk from the house to the bus station it takes at least 10 minutes to be there, 300 meters takes 30 minutes walking like a turtle probably, i spent two or three months back to walk again, and i started practicing from zero level, i can't run correctly, i jump a little bit i spent all the summer doing basics of parkour, and step by step i reached the old level, I knew that I would face a lot of accidents from the beginning and actually
after that, the other shoulder was broken
the tibia or shin was On the border of being cut
sprain ankles
patellar tendon was extended and i spent 6 months to do parkour again
Backward heel because of a drop without roll
big toe dissociated in the opposite direction of its movement, 6 months to do parkour again, still not healed yet
this is some of the accidents that i experienced

i think parkour for me is one of extreme sport, every time i came back i think about improving the level and thinking about originality at the same time, unique movement, honestly you will learn something straight to do it and you will be crashed once or twice and you could be out for two three four five months depending on your injury
and having fun when you backward to do tricks that's the advantage of being able to give you a bit more freedom and a bit more forgiveness when you really trying new stuff.

if you do this sport you gonna crash there is no doubt about
and i get the idea that it's not about clubs or parkour gym, sure it has advantages when you learn something in the gym and you master it, your not gonna be injured a lot,you will do that trick without crashes maybe a little bit bruises or scratches.

now i'm all good i'm looking for innovating parkour moves and new combination i hope to create my style with less imitation and this is an example of innovation culture see the link “Kong to wall run to precision”

it's a pleasure to learn in the street i know not much fun considering crash's …etc but yes this is the origin of parkour i think it started in the street so i have no problem about i'm doing it because it's my life style i can reach rooftops, climb, jump, run, overcoming obstacles with artistic & acrobatics movement, i can do flow have fun with movement every where i go and that is the important thing i guess

thank you so much for reading this, it's a part of my life i think it's important to share