Clenzoil, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the firearms and marine industries since 1948 is pleased to announce the launch of their impressive and all-new synthetic gun grease. In their dedicated mission to provide quality gun and marine cleaning products to their loyal and new customers alike, Clenzoil has taken yet another step by introducing Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease.

Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease is a high quality, synthetic grease specifically formulated to stay in place and protect under extreme heat and pressure. This new and innovative product is ideal for shotgun choke tubes, muzzleloader breech plugs, hinges on O/U shotguns, semi-automatic handgun slide rails and any other metal on metal sliding surfaces. Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease reduces wear, eliminates stainless steel galling and prevents seizing of threaded parts.

“One of our keys to success is listening to our customers and providing them with every tool and product that helps them care for their firearms,” said Chris Hoffman, President of Clenzoil. “We’re continuously staying ahead of the curve by introducing the best performing products on the market today, something we’ve strived to do since 1948.”

To place an order of the new Clenzoil Synthetic Gun Grease please contact a Clenzoil rep in your area:

Southeast/Northeast: Outdoor Marketing Alliance – 205.478.6231

Midwest/TALO/West: Tim Bailey & Associates – 818.993.3141

VP of Sales for Clenzoil, Chris Beall at or call 813.390.1886. For more information, please visit

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