Lone Wolf Timberwolf Large FrameLone Wolf Distributors announces that their long-awaited aftermarket frames for 10mm and .45 ACP full size Glocks are in stock and shipping now! The Timberwolf Large represents a disruptive change to the aftermarket frame market, giving users 9mm size and ergonomics in a major caliber package.

The Timberwolf Large is loaded with features from the factory, starting with the fact that it’s only fractionally larger in diameter than the G17 frame. It is also compatible with Gen3 and Gen4 slides, thanks to Lone Wolf’s patented adapter. Further, the extended beavertail and undercut trigger guard gives shooters a higher grip on the gun for better recoil management. This is an important feature when dealing with major power factor rounds.

“The Timberwolf Large an incredible feat of engineering. Ever since we launched the first Timberwolf frames, people have been asking for a .45 or 10mm version. We didn’t want to do it unless we could do something revolutionary, which we did by creating a frame for the G20 and G21 that feels better in the hand than a 9mm frame,” said JR Shepard, Lone Wolf’s CEO.

Available either as a bare frame or as a complete frame with Lone Wolf’s enhanced internal components, the Timberwolf Large is available now and makes the perfect platform to start a custom build, or to simply upgrade an existing pistol for superior ergonomics.

Founded in 1998, Lone Wolf Distributors has easily established itself as the leading Glock accessory supplier. Our QC starts with mill run quantities of raw materials. Our in-house engineers utilize CAD design exploiting exacting CNC tolerance control at all manufacturing levels. Our dynamic website displays real time, accurate inventory control allowing the vast majority of orders to process and ship the same day. Our customers demand premium upgrades that allow them increased performance. For these reasons LWD is unquestionably recognized as your best source for reasonably priced replacement parts. www.lonewolfdist.com.

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