May 11th issue of NW PA Fishing ReportOh what a crappie! Caught in a Fish Com-mission survey net at Pymatuning, this black crappie is on display in the tank at the visitor center. It is 20 inches long and weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces when caught. Thanks to Keystone Outdoors for photo.

The Landing Net by Darl Black: Oh what a week it was! And I don’t mean that in a good way. The bite for many species was getting good the last week of April. She-nango River Lake was on fire with big crap-pies. But then the big rains, big winds and big cold moved for the first weekend of May. Most catches posted in this Report came be-fore the Big Chill. Only a few of the hardiest or craziest anglers were out this past week-end. There were high points – such as the walleye bite in the Shenango River. Better days are coming. And given the oversized crappies turning up at Shenango and the Rec-ord Crappie taken at Pymatuning in the Sanc-tuary in a trap net by a Fish & Boat survey team – this could be the year of Big Crappies in western PA! And be ready for awesome smallmouth bass fishing as soon as the river drops and the winds let up on Lake Erie!

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