Video of a verbal confrontation was filmed after a man shot two coyote hunting dogs.

Social media has a way of making everything public these days. Especially when it is something that will grab people’s attention.

This hunter confronts a man who apparently just shot his two coyote hunting dogs while he was attempting to remove their tracking collars. The man who killed the dogs claims they were on his land and barking at him.

WARNING: The video has explicit language and it is a bit graphic.

My son is going to be devastated… These dogs might belong to my cousin but my boy loves them too.. This man better…

Posted by Tara Crane on Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Later in the comments of the video, there are maps that are apparently showing that the dogs were not on his ground.

Whether or not they were on his ground, I don’t feel that is a sufficient enough excuse to shoot two dogs. The public is pushing for this man to get some type of punishment for his actions, but we have not heard if anything has come of this yet. It is rather unfortunate when we see stories like this.

As someone who has owned or been around hunting dogs of my own all my life, whether for rabbits, sheds, coyotes, coon, or waterfowl, I know how close you can become with your hunting buddies. That’s not including the money and time you put into them.

I hate seeing stories like this and it seems as if the public agrees.

What are your thoughts on the matter?



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