Drop Tine Buck

Every hunter wants to shoot a big buck, but if there’s one antler feature most hunters would love to see on their deer more than any other, it would have to be a drop tine. Aside from the rare genetic trait getting passed down from generation to generation in a deer herd, many hunters go their whole lives hoping to see a whitetail with such a set of antlers. Because actually harvesting a drop-tine buck is a pipe dream for so many hunters, YouTuber Michael Sturgill gave his dad the opportunity to take his shot when a stud of a buck crossed paths with the hunting duo.

It’s not until the giant buck is down that Michael’s father even sees the drop, and subsequently realizing what a monster of a buck he has on his hands.


What a beast! This buck would have been impressive without the drop, but such a feature just adds so much character to any deer, big or small. The fact that this drop tine appears to be nine or more inches long puts it in a rare class, too, as hunters rarely see a club hanging off a buck’s main beam.

The footage here was shaky because he forgot his camera arm, but can you blame him? We’d be shaking too if we had a buck of this caliber standing near our stand! Fortunately, Michael’s father did a great job maintaining his composure to make a clean shot on a true Indiana giant. The only thing we enjoyed more than the buck itself, was the moment shared by this father and son tandem. It’s clear his dad was as happy to have his son there as he was to have taken the deer. That is truly what hunting is all about and we agree, we need to hunt with our loved ones more often, too!

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