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This guy has proven you can employ mules on practically any hunt.

Bear Hunting Magazine Editor Clay Newcomb is best known for hunting black bears in Arkansas, but he’s made a point to broaden his horizons as of late.

Not only has he ventured beyond his home state, but he’s also dabbled in some different kinds of hunting while simultaneously employing some unique methods.

Of those methods, hunting with mules has clearly become one of his favorite, as rarely will you see him hit the woods on foot anymore.

However, in this one, he takes his mule on a chase for something much smaller than his fancied black bears.

Watch the video below:

While I’ve done my fair share of squirrel hunting on public land, I can safely say I’ve never even considered the use of a mule.

First of all, it wouldn’t even cross my mind if I was planning a squirrel hunt, and second, I don’t know a single person who even owns a mule.

However, I what I can safely say is that this looks like a ton of fun. Riding a horse or a mule through the backcountry of the Ozarks has to be an incredible experience, and nothing beats cooking squirrels in the woods.

You have to wonder if Newcomb will continue dipping into other genres of hunting despite his obvious ties to bear hunting. While many do consider him as somewhat of the bear hunting guru, I actually enjoy the variety.

Another thing worth noting is the unusual choice of hunting dogs in this video. While terriers are typically favorites among avid squirrel hunters, you simply don’t see many Feists.

That said, perhaps other small-game hunters out there should take some notes, because those pups clearly get the job done!



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