Late Summer Edition of ODU Magazine Is Now AvailableThis edition of ODU Magazine has a very special feature that each year becomes our most read section and shared magazine …. our “Top 25 Products of ICAST”. This year we hope we did not disappoint. Bass, redfish, walleye, snook, and more are on the plate for our readers to dig into. Enjoy this edition of ODU Magazine and be safe on the water.

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The “HOOCH” Below Lake Lanier – Pg. 8
Uncle Ben – Pg. 10
Fishing the Gulf – Pg. 13
Sandy Toes & Salty Fishes – Pg. 17
Fishing The Heat – Pg. 24
Six to Ten Ft. Crank Baits – Pg. 29
Walleyes in a Snap – Pg. 30
Green grass and big bass forever – Pg. 34
Finesse Tactics That Worked In August – Pg. 38
Finesse Time – Pg. 42
Understanding Gamefish Strike Zones – Pg. 43
Fishing the Moment – Pg. 46
Crappie and Bream On the Plate – Pg. 52
Top 25 of ICAST – Pg. 56
Shooting & Eating Road Kill in the North Country – Pg. 83
Ten vegetation-taming tips for deer hunters – Pg. 86
Gun Spotlight: Bergara B14 Timber Rifle – Pg. 89

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