Join The FELL Marine TeamAre you an active boater, fishermen, tournament angler or guide who wants to improve your safety while boating? And, are you someone who is active on social media and likes making videos? Great then FELL Marine has a program just for you. They are looking for qualified boaters who want to install a wireless engine kill switch into their boat and are willing to talk about it on social media and to fellow boaters.

The FELL Marine Ambassador Program is here just for you. Here are the specifics:

At FELL Marine we are seeking out and partnering with industry influencers and associations that share our vision and values. To build our Ambassador Program, select groups and boaters will receive either discounts or MOB+ units and accessories. At this moment we are especially seeking out partnerships in the following categories:

Coastal and Offshore Fishing:

Being free on board is crucial when fishing. We are seeking out partnerships to engage in product testing, raising focus on boating safety while fishing and encourage the wearing of kill switches.

Marine motor sport and racing:

Safety comes first when engaging in high speed and high performance activities. Having the right safety equipment is crucial.

Boating organizations, sea rescue services and non-profit organizations:

Our team is highly dedicated boaters and some with former service in coast guard services. We highly appreciate all the men and women engaged in making boating safer. To support your work your organization might be eligible for significant discounts for a larger fleet.

Freshwater and saltwater anglers who compete in fishing tournaments:

As a competitive angler, we know you are expected to follow the highest standards. Do you have a large following in social media, do you compete in multiple tournaments each year or do you support youth on the water fishing events?

We highly encourage you all to make contact with us at and tell us your story.


In return for your  support, FELL Marine will require the following:

  • Photography and/or videos in high resolution.
  • Product testimonials and/or other content publishing.
  • Other types of applicable marketing promotions and branding.

If interest in joining our Ambassador Program, please send us an email addressing all the following elements:

  • A short introduction about you or your organization,
  • A list of any applicable websites and social media addresses,
  • A summary of how you or your organization is a good fit for FELL Marine with specific reference to the market criteria stated above, and
  • Your name, email and phone number

Thank you for your interest in FELL Marine and considering us as a partner. We highly appreciate you writing to us. We do answer all requests made, but cannot guarantee that you will be selected for the program.

Please send your requests to

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