One creative way to cover up dove breasts is with some photoshopped bikinis, right?

We can all understand the need for social media to be policed to some extent. For instance, some violent or sexual images should be reported to the appropriate authorities, if warranted. But really, what’s the big deal with two pair of dove breasts? For Jeremiah Doughty, an outdoors chef and blogger (@fromfieldtoplate), it apparently was a big deal, as his image of naked doves received the attention of Instagram’s PC police.

dove breasts

Doughty uploaded the original image on September 3, alongside an educational post regarding whether or not to bleed out a dove in regards to taste. It didn’t take long for the image to be flagged and subsequently blurred out.

dove breasts

Chances are, this post was reported to Instagram by an anti-hunter or vegetarian trolling the Internet. But just when the anti’s think they have one-upped us, it takes the creativity of someone like Doughty to rain on their parade.

You see, if bare breasts are the problem, here’s the solution:

dove breasts

“Yesterday this picture of my uncooked dinner was found offensive and marked as sensitive material by instagram. It was marked under the category of “sexual, nudity and gore”. I decided to add bikinis to my picture and hopefully it won’t be flagged for bare breasts! Thanks for all the support!” #fromfieldtoplate #dovehunting

You’re chuckling to yourself, aren’t you? Talk about creative ingenuity. Because let’s face it, the last thing we want to see when perusing Instagram is a blatant dove nipple (insert palm to forehead emoji!).

Thanks for the laugh, Jeremiah, and for one-upping the haters.

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