IMPULSE Water Flea


Northland Fishing Tackle has added a new supple, scented soft-plastic panfish bait to its legendary IMPULSE® lineup—the new IMPULSE® Water Flea.

This breakout bait is infused with all the scent and flavor of Northland’s patented IMPULSE® Instinctual Attractant, which features a baked-in MicroPlankton formula gamefish can’t resist. In fact, rigorous laboratory testing scientifically proved that IMPULSE® is 143 percent more effective than competitive brands.

Designed for serious anglers itching to put jumbo panfish on ice, the IMPULSE® Water Flea features whisper sensitive legs and a super-flexible tail that quivers in anticipation when fish slide in for the kill. It’s deadly when fished horizontally but also appeals to all species of panfish when presented in a vertical orientation. 

Northland Tackle introduces the new Impulse Water Flea. This baked in scented soft plastic features a lifelike water flea profile with undulating tentacles to catch even the most finicky panfish.

Some key jigs to use with the new IMPULSE® Water Flea are the new Bro Bug Head, Bros Bling Jig and the new Mitee Mouse Jig. Each have a unique style of presenting the IMPULSE® Water Flea no matter the conditions. 

The IMPULSE® Water Flea measures 1½ inches long and are available in eight great colors. Suggested retail is $3.99 per 20 baits, which are packaged in a clear, interlocking plastic disk that allow anglers to easily link disks to store and organize their cache of these new lethal weapons for panfish.

Size MSRP 

 Baked-In IMPULSE® Instinctual Attractant

1½-inches $3.99/20 Soft, Supple Bodies Look And Feel Alive

Realistic Quivering, Undulating Action

 Packaged In Clear, Interlocking Disks 

 Great With Micro Jigs For All Panfish 


White, Black, Purple Passion, Natural, Bloodworm Red, Emerald, Pink, Sunrise

Product will be available Fall 2016

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