Ice Teams #4 Ice Fishing Mag of the season is out. It covers it all. Link – Start of with figuring out which level to fish crappie: “Ice fishing is in full swing across the Ice Belt and every angler has that one species that they enjoy chasing. This could be anything from the predator fish — walleye, pike and bass — to panfish, such as perch, bluegill and crappie. Many of these species hang around the same general depth throughout the ice season and this gives you a better opportunity to catch them. Then there are some that hang around in virtually any water depth. Those create a bit more of a challenge, including the roaming crappie. Crappie can create a challenge in any body of water.

They have the ability to be at any depth: right under the ice, in the middle of the water column or settling on or near the bottom. These fish can be difficult to pattern. This is where electronics come into play, as well as your own eyes for some good old-fashioned sight fishing.

There are times that crappie will cruise right under the ice. These fish can be easy to catch but also difficult to pattern. If they are doing this, electronics usually won’t pick them up and depending on the clarity of the water, they may or may not be easy to see with your eyes.”

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