This hunter took his spring gobbler, but the Jake wouldn’t go away. So he caught him with his bare hands!

We’ve seen some interesting things in our time, but a wild turkey that won’t leave a dead bird, so much so that it lets a man walk right up and grab it, takes the cake.

Right when you think that Jake won’t let the hunter get any closer…

Just watch this!

Caution: Graphic language

Dude catches LIVE turkey! Craziest video you will see today, guaranteed!

Man catches LIVE turkey!!! This is the craziest video you will see today GUARANTEED! Thanks Joey for sending this in.

Posted by RAISED HUNTING on Monday, April 9, 2018

Even when he let it fly, it still didn’t really want to leave. As the hunter said “see you next year ‘ol boy”

Here’s hoping that the young Tom will be all the smarter next time! Those guys had all the good luck they can stand for one season.

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